Africa's Financial System

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The following documents are individual financial and economic reports on all the countries within Africa. Starting with a basic overview of the individual country, these reports delve into basic economic indicators, economic stability, financial regulation, the role of the Central Bank, and many more sections pertaining to the financial structure of the individual country. The data presented is up to the most accessible years for each of these nations and at times can be a few years behind due to a lack of systematic reporting. These reports are intended to be used as an educational starting point.



All Countries Combined Data

Individual Country Data:

Algeria Ethiopia Niger
Angola Gabon Nigeria
Benin/Cote d'Ivoire/Mali/Senegal/Togo Gambia Rwanda
Botswana Ghana Sao Tome Principe
Burkina Faso Guinea Seychelles
Burundi Guinea-Bissau Sierra Leone


Kenya Somalia
Cape Verde Lesotho South Africa
Central African Republic Liberia Sudan
Chad Libya Swaziland
Comoros Madagascar Tanzania
Congo Malawi Tunisia
Democratic Republic of Congo Mauritania Uganda
Djibouti Mauritius Zambia
Egypt Morocco Zimbabwe

Equatorial Guinea

Eritrea Namibia  

Wharton Financial Institutions Working Paper #10-11
African Financial Systems: A Review
by Franklin Allen, Isaac Otchere and Lemma W. Senbet, March 2010