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The Center's Research Focus:
Three Primary Themes

The Center’s research agenda is organized around the following three broad themes:

Within this agenda, research efforts are designed to be cross-disciplinary and highly relevant to industry challenges and concerns. This is accomplished through a uniquely close collaboration among academic researchers and financial services professionals.

The FIC utilizes the broad and established research capabilities of Wharton School faculty and students. The efforts of academic researchers are combined with the real-world expertise of industry practitioners through research partnerships and direct sponsorship of research by financial services firms. FIC research brings together experts from finance, information technology, statistics, human resources, strategy, marketing, risk management, legal studies, economics, engineering, and other disciplines to foster a rich portfolio of research topics and approaches. At any point in time, about thirty researchers are directly involved in FIC projects. Many Center projects involve field-based research methodologies, underscoring the goal of addressing the real-world issues facing the financial services sector.

Along with collaboration, communication is a key part of the Center’s mission and activities. Research efforts are communicated through publications, industry forum groups, and Center-sponsored conferences. Many of these activities are undertaken jointly with research partners, including other research centers and corporate sponsors.

FIC activities are guided by the Center’s Industry Advisory Board, comprised of senior financial services industry executives and recognized leaders within the industry community. The Board is therefore able to provide important feedback on current research and insight into emerging issues and opportunities for the financial services industry.